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What People Say

6 boys

Here are some of the things that our previous students, coaches, or parents have shared with us. We know how important it is to hear what others are saying about a new program.

"We can't thank you the coaches for all the time they have poured into our son through BotRT!! It is such a wonderful program! But the program is only as good as it's coaches ...and we had the best!! Our son loves it and has learned so much - not only about running and training, but about sportsmanship, encouraging others, being respectful to others, and having fun while pushing yourself to reach goals.Thank you so much!! It was another wonderful season!"

"My son attends the Pinehurst group.  This is his first time participating. He LOVES it. He now lives for Tuesday and Thursday.  Thank you so much for what you do!!"

"My son has Autism and is not into any kind of sports. He came home from track so pumped and excited to tell me about it. This was the best experience for him and I am grateful he was able to participate."

"So extremely proud of my boy! After training with some awesome coaches with the Boys on the Right track program he completed a 5 k yesterday in Orchard Park! It may seem small to some, but considering where he started as an infant, this is huge! Many may not know, but my son never crawled, ok. one time he did an army crawl , just once, after a day of Physical therapy. He began receiving PT at about 15 months. He use to scoot around on his butt to get where he needed to go. He did not walk on his own until he was 23 months old. He use to try to run, but his feet never left the ground. It was more of a very fast walk. To this day he is not too keen about his feet leaving the ground. His physical therapist's patience, caring, and love along with his determination has got him to where he is today! Thank you to the coaches, parents and the rest of the boys from the Highland Boys on the Right track who had already finished the race but went and found my son who was still running and finished the race with him! You guys ROCK!"

"What most impressed me is the great deal of love and respect my son showed to me during the 5k. He's always been a loving, kind person but I was very impressed that he stayed by my side the entire time when he could've easily left me behind choking on his dust. Thank you for a wonderful program. My son has already made it known that he wants to join the Spring session of Boys on the Right Track."

"Our entire family was inspired by this program and are training to run another 5k soon My son has definitely become more aware of his health and we are both making healthier choices in our diet and have even started excersizing together. I hope I can be his running buddy in his next race!"

"My son really enjoyed the program, the coach and the other boys. It’s a great program! The small groups were wonderful. Coaches were well trained. Coach Barlette did a great job with the boys and I think is the primary reason that my son enjoyed the program so much. My son has strong interpersonal skills already, but this program reinforced these skills. Thank you sooooo much for this wonderful program! And thank you to all the volunteer coaches!! Great program. Appreciate time and efforts of coaches and Juliet"

"What a great program you put together!!! Every parent I talked to had nothing but EXTREMELY positive remarks! I've coached many different sports with participants being in pre-school all the way up through adulthood , and watching these boys start from square one and put in the work to cross that finish line was by far the most rewarding coaching experience I have had to date."

This is a very small sampling of the encouraging words expressed about our program. Please feel free to contact us to learn more!